Project Info

2 Weeks


Product Designer, Art Director


Photoshop, Maya, Adobe Dimension

Art Direction | Packaging Design | Brand Strategy | Experience Design

Churned🍦 x Costco

Churned Creamery Franchise creates fresh, handcrafted gelato and ice cream using state-of-the-art churning technology. The Churned Creamery team was on a mission to expand their brand and they were laying plans to enter the marketplace with wholesale offerings. As their creative partner, I was tasked with designing a new line of artisan products that appeals to Costco's primary members demographic.

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After an inspiring brand workshop with the Churned Creamery team, we researched, synthesized, and came with up a brand direction that would set our new line of products apart from a crowded marketplace.

Design Challenge

The frozen dessert insdustry is very competitive. Because of that, our aim was to create unique produts that would be more approachable–compared to existing healthy ice cream brands already being sold at Costco.


As a result of many iterations on ice cream designs with sticks, cones and bowls, we decided to offer an innovative delivery method–Edible Tahitian Waffle Sticks and Mini Cones. We are also endorsing the established trend of activated charcoal that health conscious Costco members are well aware of from the Wellness and Beauty categories.

Packaging Design

Inner Pouch
We wanted to stay true to Churned Creamery's modern and luxurious style of branding. The top logo and bottom black bar with the flavor names are consistent in all pouch designs. To distinguish the different flavors more clearly we used elegant gradient background colors, and included the key features of the product.

The evolution of Churned Bar inner pouch design

Outer Pack
In order to communicate the uniqueness of Churned Creamery's new line of wholesale products within seconds, the key features are displayed as icons on the packaging.

Variety Pack
The variety packs are tailored to suit the various family members and allows them to sample various products given a better value. The selected flavors are the best-selling ones at the franchises.

Crafting a Memorable Experience

Throughout different focus groups and interviews with people that love ice cream, we realized what they love even more is the feeling they get from sharing ice cream with their favorite people. Churned Creamery's interactive packaging emphasizes on that delightful sense of interaction.

Interactive Packaging
Using the ubiquitous technology of QR codes, we establish a connection between our packaging and the consumer. This engagement redirects to an entertaining and playful Augmented Reality experience on Instagram [view prototype]. Users can submit their face filter experiences for a chance to win prizes. Social media is a large component of Churned Creamery's marketing strategy and helps to further expand our reach into the community.


The Cookies & Cream bar on activated-charcoal edible stick will be available at California Costco locations in January 2021. Churned Creamery will continue to revolutionize the frozen dessert industry by combining creative passion with premium quality ice cream.

2021-2022 product: Churned Creamery Ice Cream Cupcakes