Project Info



48 hours


Ann Jimin Woo


UI Designer & Prototyper


Adobe XD

UI Prototyping | Visual Design


PlayPal is an app for gamers to discover games, friends, news, and more. Users are able to explore game-relevant content that is based on their platform of choice, unique taste and skills. With PlayPal, gamers can easily connect with like-minded individuals, participate in playing/streaming games, and share their discoveries to get special badges. This gamification feature and the vibrant visual design of the app keep new and returning gamers engaged. The illustration work reflects on the nature of the app and brings storytelling to the interfaces.

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Design Challenge

PlayPal was designed for Adobe's College + Activision Creative Jam, where teams competed in a tournament that put their creative skills to the test using Adobe XD. The challenge was to create a proficiency-focused app experience in 48 hours to inform new gamers about video games and help them discover games that fit their interests.


According to Polygon, quarantine is creating brand-new gamers. For them and other gamers to feel like they have a virtual community during isolation (and after), we focused on making a social platform. Some additional ways PlayPal serves the community is to inspire gamers to:

  • Share discoveries with the community and/or their contacts
  • Enjoy a deep-dive educational experience about game history, development, etc
  • Create a gamified way to encourage exploration of game titles and relevant subjects

Onboarding Process


These user interfaces were collected from Dribbble and Behance for visual design inspiration.


The minimalistic style logo represents the concept of community. The logo has also been used in the global navigation bar as an icon for the community pages.





Each design project is a new learning opportunity for me. To get a message across and set an atmosphere/mood for the users, the visual design can be very impactful. The short turnaround time played an important role in the collaboration as well. It taught me how to communicate better in order to identify and solve problems more efficiently.

* Our team received an honarable mention by making it to top 20–out of 200+ student teams that had joined from across the US, Canada and UK.